Welcome to Umana

Umana is a place where paradise is more than just a myth. Whether you want to go on an adventure in the lush green rainforests, relax on our beautiful beaches, experience our rich and ancient culture, or wander about in one of the many exclusive shops on the islands; Umana can offer all of that, and much more!

The Umana Archipelago consists of 4 islands, each offering unique experiences. Pelba is Umana’s center of commerce, music, fashion and nightlife, Kembara possesses beautiful high quality beaches , Raya is a heavenly getaway for the peace-seeking tourist, and Bornibie will make every adventurer’s heart pound. Hesitate no longer, come and pay Umana a visit and discover your ideal travel experience.

Experiences on Umana

  • Sports Facilities 
  • Casino 
  • Jungle Survival 
  • Luxury Villas 
  • Surf Camp 
  • Ecological Resort 
  • Exotic nightlife 
  • Shopping district 

Festivals & Events

  • Mayakara's Birthday
  • National Surf Contest
  • Four Winds Festival
  • Summer Parade